Digital Media

On this page you will find a variety of different forms of digital content that I produced for numerous platforms. Some of this content was published on BCIT News' wide range of social media coverage, as well as for the Instagram of the Canadian Football League.

Distracted and Impaired Driving Simulator

This piece was a short informational video around how ICBC and the North Shore RCMP are tackling the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. This was when I was a mobile journalist for BCIT News, and this video was also put on the BCIT News Facebook page.

CFL Social Media Compilation

This is a compilation of just some of the clips that I recorded and posted on the CFL's Instagram story as Social Media Correspondent for the 2019 BC Lions. It was my job to record key moments of the game, as well as fan interactions and behind the scenes moments with players.

Godfrey Gao dies at 35

This graphic highlights some of the defining moments in local actor Godfrey Gao's career. This post was made after he passed away from a heart attack, and was posted on BCIT News' Instagram page.

November cold front

This graphic compares a selection of dates in November of 2019 and 2018, and the weather of those days. This post was made to show people the upcoming cold front, and was posted on BCIT News' Instagram page.

Tax revenue comparison

This graphic illustrates the difference in total revenue the city of Vancouver would earn from the hike in the "Empty Homes Tax". This post was made after the city announced the increase in percentage, and was posted on BCIT News' Facebook page.

"Operation Mask Up"

This graphic shows a range of information regarding masks made from "Operation Mask Up" in Langley. This post was included in a story I wrote covering the operation during the Covid-19 pandemic, and was posted to the website.

Sexceptance: Undressing the stigma 

For a documentary production project, myself and some class mates decided to take a deep dive and look at the stigma surrounding sexual fetishes and preferences. Within the article are numerous digital components that I made, including graphics, an informational video and a story map.

Digital articles

In these digital articles, I cover news stories that I have previously reported on for TV News, but add digital aspects to make it more appealing for online viewing. Click on the title of each story to view them on

"STAND STRONG" the message for Anti-Bullying month

In this digital article, I look at the STAND STRONG event that I covered and the severity of bullying. Within the article, you can find a streeter package, as well as a graphic that I made, and a Soundcite clip. For any text highlighted in grey, click on the text to have the quote read to you by the speaker.

Vancouver celebrates Olympic Legacy on 10 year anniversary

In this digital article, I look at the legacy left by the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, as well as the possibility of osting the games again in the fututre. I included several digital aspects in this article, including a clip of my interview with Tom Mayenknecht, a Juxtapose of the transition of the olympic oval, and a Soundcite clip. (Click on the highlighted grey text to have the speaker read you the quote).

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