On this page I will upload various audio based pieces of work I do either for class or to air on Evolution 107.9. Anything I post on here I will also upload to my "Soundcloud" page where all radio pieces that I have created can be found.

Minnesota Vikings Analysis on TSN 1040

During my internship at TSN 1040, I was able to go on air during the NFL playoffs and talk about the Minnesota Vikings before thier matchup with San Francisco.

Operation Mask Up

This was a story I did for Evolution 107.9 news covering a local company in Langley making filtered masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project was dubbed "Operation Mask Up", and made masks free to order with no extra delivery charges.

Coast Mountain Bus Company Strike

This is a radio story I did for Evolution 107.9 news regarding transit strike. I was able to go to a press conference where the president of the CMBC spoke and updated the situation.

Zero Waste Convention 2019

This is a radio story I did for Evolution 107.9 news regarding the Zero Waste Convention that was taking place in Vancouver. A large group of innovative thinkers spoke to audiences about how the future of waste can be minimalized and eliminated over this two day gathering.

The 90Plus Podcast

The 90Plus Podcast is hosted by myself, as well as Sebastian Pereira. On each show, we break down everything Vancouver Whitecaps related, including all transfers, news, game analysis and previews.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

White Rock: A Pier-ced City

This is a radio documentary I created for my "documentary production" class. It was about the damage done to the White Rock pier and how it affected the entire community.

CBC photojournalist Ben Nelms interview

In this "For The Record" piece, I talked to CBC photojournalist Ben Nelms about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected his work and his reporting abilities.

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